Achieving Success

I have achieved many things in my life. When I was twenty I made a list of ten things I wanted to accomplish. Several years ago I found that list, and other than travel to space, I had achieved every single one of them.

I have at times, made lots of money, (without a degree mind you). I was nominated for an Emmy, won the Pine Wood Derby, became a really good fighter, opened up a stuck jar for a pretty lady, helped save peoples lives, finished before everyone else, lasted longer than everyone else, won my day in court, solved a crises at work, got promoted past more skilled and educated co-workers, learned to use my left hand, (get your mind out of the gutter, but yes, that too), got the girl, landed my first acting job on my first audition, won the fight, etc, etc, etc.. After almost fifty-two years the list of achievements has grown very long.

But in the end, I believe Victor Frankel had it right. The most important thing in our lives is for it to have meaning. I get mine from my friends and family. There is no greater trophy to gaze upon than the look of happiness a loved one has when you walk in the door.