And the Verdict is…

It’s a winner!  Yes the small group I sent my very rough cut of The Black Knight all agreed on some basics.  The story flowed from one panel to the next, interesting shot choices and cool ideas. Most importantly the professional writer whose opinion I valued most stated, “… holy shit, this is good.” 

This is good.”


Is this the next big hit?  Have I reinvented the wheel?  No, I did not get that feedback.  Which brings me back to the title of this post.  Clearly, “The Verdict is… UNKNOWN.”  

Yes I got many kudos even though much of my rough cut is hard to decipher.  (In fact without the color, font and line treatment, much of the story’s impact is lessened.)  But here’s the thing – everyone has an opinion.  From Hitchcock to Spielberg, critics both pro and amateur, tear apart works of fiction. No matter how big of a hit a movie, book or comic is, there is always a voice of descent.  In addition some of the criticisms for this project, I have to say, are from far out in left field. And that leads to my next point, that in a country that is so divided on any number of issues. with people strident in their beliefs left or right, how can one possibly please everyone?  Other than a few hits like Star Wars or the first two Godfathers, “universal love” does not exist for works of fiction.

So with that in mind, regardless of whether the reader really liked the story or not and for whatever reason, politics, subject matter or style, this baby is moving’ on to the next stage. Within a week I will finish applying the notes received, after that there is no going back.  I will complete The Black Knight, then publish (with a publisher or not) and venture into the most traveled to, yet most unknown, location in the Universe- The Unknown.