Stoned Out of My Mind

For the last week I have been working Stoned. No, I have not partaken in any herbal medicine. Quite frankly I hate the stuff. I’m speaking of the kidney stone I’ve had lodged in me since April 2015. So far I have had a surgery as well as an expandable tube called a Stent shoved up my urethra along with a daily dose of pain killers to deal with it as I await my second surgery to get the little bastard. You see the doctor couldn’t remove it because I’m… well, I spare you the gritty details.

What I have discovered is that concentrating on work, helps me forget/ignore the pain and discomfort. As of now I have two of four issues roughed out for my graphic novel. I still need to conceive the covers as well as the collected edition cover but for that I’m waiting for a particularity painful day so my concentration is at its peak!