About Me

From the moment I started working in restaurants as a teenager, I learned that no department works in isolation, but rather as a team. In fact, at the end of a shift, everyone preps the restaurant for the next crew so they, too, can provide excellent service for every guest.  

I have taken that work ethic with me on my journey as a storyboard artist. In my work on the popular TV show NCIS since 2007, hurdles of time constraints, physical locations, background casting, coordination between departments, and even the editing itself, could all be addressed in the storyboards. The drawings can provide both directors and producers, such as yourself, a valuable time-saving tool to keep everyone on time and on budget.

And with my background as a commercial actor and writer’s assistant, I can infuse your commercial boards with the characters needed to move an audience within seconds, ensuring client approval of your ideas. 

My experience includes over a thousand commercials, dozens of television episodes (including an Emmy nomination for my work on The Crumbling of America on the History Channel), and films such as the Oscar-nominated Vice.