“Patrick is not only hugely talented coupled with a great sense of humor, he listens carefully to your requests, has great ideas himself, and just happens to be one of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of working with.”

Tony Wharmby, Directory/Producer – NCIS Franchise, X-Files, Bones, etc.

Multiple Services

NCIS & Others

Since 2007, I’ve not only provided NCIS with storyboards but caricatures, portraits, tattoos, children’s book illustrations, and even fantasy paintings. In fact, all of the onscreen artwork of the character, Agent Eleanor Bishop, including her spray-paintings of pink flamingos were drawn/painted by yours truly. Many other companies I’ve done storyboards for have saved both time and money by taking advantage of my ability to illustrate, draw and paint in various styles. You could too!

VFX & Stunts


With the average cost of filming running between $700 to $1500 per minute, pre-planned shots, especially ones that involve stunts and visual effects, not only save money, it ensures you get the exact shots you need and clarifies what you don’t. In addition, seeing the desired on-screen result with storyboards, ensures all the moving parts of your production stay on the same page. In addition, seeing the desired on-screen result with storyboards keeps all the moving parts of your production on the same page. 
One of the first of some fifty-plus episodes of NCIS I worked on, “Requiem” was a classic example. Matching practical effect shots to existing footage of a car crashing into the water, how to shoot the stunts, as well as underwater scenes of the actors escaping from the submerged vehicle, were planned ahead and visually presented to the cast and crew to ensure both a safe shoot and flawless story in the final edit.

Tight Schedule & Budget

Patriot Pictures

You absolutely need “that shot!” but your budget and/or your schedule won’t allow it. Many times the problem can be solved with the right combo of shots and inexpensive effects.
The film Get Lost starring Ella Bleu Travolta and James Cromwell required the train stunt. Unfortunately, the train and location were only available for four hours and the train that needed to speed through the station could only travel about a hundred yards and at a very low speed. With my twenty-plus years of experience, I was able to provide shots that were economical, time-saving, and most importantly, told the story well.