The Secret World of Freelancing: Part 1

I would venture to guess that even if one never freelanced one would automatically know that sometimes paychecks can be few and far between. But what might come to a surprise is that certain relationships can develop out this situation. For instance my phone answering machine has several phone calling machine buddies. I don’t know their names, but I know there father’s names and they are Chase, Capitol One and Bank of America.

Depending on the time of the month and amount of funds in my Bank account, their sons call my son. At least they think he’s my son, probably because my answering machine like their calling machines communicate a lot like twelve year old boys.

For instance, my phone rings. I see the caller’s name – Chase (phone calling machines need to use their parent’s account). I don’t answer. Why? You’ll see.

However, my son (my answering machine) does answer. My Son: “Hey”
Chase’s Son: “Hey”
My Son: “… What’s up?”

Chase Son: “My dad wants to talk to your dad”

My Son: “So… why doesn’t he like, call him himself?”

Chase’s Son: “’Cuz Himself isn’t his name, Dork.”

My Son: “Pfft.”

Chase’s Son: “Pfft.”

My Son: “Whatever… you want to leave a message for him.”

Chase Son: “Na… I don’t think so.”

My Son: “Okay, I guess…. I’ll talk to you later.”

Chase’s Son: “I guess, I don’t know, whatever my dad says.”

My Son: “Pfft, whatever, later.”

Chase’s Son: “Later.”

His son hangs up and mine follows suit. No message left for me.
As you can see, his dad really didn’t want to talk to me, so why should I bother talking to him.

Of course during their whole conversation I was drawing because, you guessed it, I’m a freelancer.