The State of Things

Sounds like a political blog I know, but noooooo, we are not going there.  Well, maybe a little I guess.

My new graphic novel takes place at the end of the civil war, and since war is politics by other means I guess I have, “Gone There.”

Dragon, first idea.
Dragon, first idea.

This cute little guy is the first design I’ve done.  With one more “issue” to write I will be drawing soon.

Current state of the project – almost completely written.  First issue thumb nailed.

Art book project not ready to be named – almost completely written.  No cute drawings for that, well, not yet : )

Children’s book, This I can name though I don’t know the tittle yet.  (Did I just write tittle?  I did, how cute, “keeping’ it!”)  It’s the third book in the “Hottie the Rottie” series.  First book can be purchased at

Current state – waiting for the final manuscript of the text.  Thumbnails in progress.   Second book about to go to print.

Blog – first entry – Current state – Finished. : )