The Secret World of Freelancing: Part 2

Today one of my monitors died. It was my fault. There is not denying that. But in my defense, please let me share what caused my actions that ended the long life my hand me down mac monitor.

I work with two computers. Even though my desktop workstation has a two large monitors, I prefer to use my laptop. Mostly because it is what I work with on-site.

In need of some reference, specifically a Rice Crispes box, I turned on my desktop workstation and opened the browser. Rather than opening my email I was greeted by a message from Time F*%kin’ Warner Cable stating my modem was no longer supported and that I need to call Joe Ass Wipe at Time F%kin’ Warner Cable to arrange to have one delivered. Please note, I deliver massive files and my apartment building’s wi-fi does not handle more than news surfing and junk email. Was their a way to close that window and order my amazingly faster “supported” new modem? No, their wasn’t. Oh wait, I forgot something. My client requested 12 rough frames in 2 hours. Not thumbnails mind you, but roughs a blind man can understand.

As I searched around the webpage for a, “request later” button or something similar, the browser froze. In a panicked attempt to hard reboot my whole system I bumped the main monitor and, “CRASH” it came down. DEE-STROYED!!!

I know, that is my fault, as I am the one who bumped into it. But what brain trust at Time F*%kin’ Warner Cable decided to HACK their customer’s browsers, ON A WORK DAY, DURING WORK HOURS for what was on par with “routine maintenance” that usually happens on Sundays at 3AM? Did these coders, techies or what ever name they go by (or was it sales?) that decided, that it was a good idea? Would a coder/techie/programmer appreciate DWP cutting off their power WITHOUT NOTICE for, “routine maintanece?”

As I scribbled away on my Wacom to make my deadline I called Time F*%kin’ Warner Cable and not only told them of my dilemma, but clearly turned up the volume on my inner monologue so they could fully understand my angst. After being told, “We will help you close that (un-closeable) window.” I was disconnected.

Well with a a Plan B already in action I continued with my ruffs. Luckily no other tenants were home or online so my files were delivered and received on time. After doing so, I opened my browser again and it became clear that Time F*%kin’ Warner Cable removed their marketing hack. Though I do have a forceful voice, I doubt I was the only customer who complained.

Now staring at my dead monitors cracked screen, I can only hope that my monitor did not die in vain, and that person who put “F*%kin’” in to Time Warner Cable got an earful from their superior or has gone back to school to take Common Sense: 101.