What Are You Working On Now?

I like to juggle projects.  Not only does it prevent stagnation on any said project, but I just have to many tangental thoughts that would drive me crazy if I did not follow the creative impulse these thoughts germinate.

Currently I am working on…

  • A “Twilight Zone” type short for a producer friend of mine
  • A rom-com for with the same producer
  • My graphic novel with the working title of “The Black Knight”
  • A SyFy art book/short story much like “Dinotopia” in structure
  • Numerous freelance storyboard jobs
  • Finding a girlfriend (like I said, I have creative tangental thoughts)

Add to this my part-time work as a building manager and weekly visits to my ex-wives house to help her with her house and child and you have a clear picture of, “What I am working on now.”