What’s In A Name?

When I first came up with my hero he bore a resemblance to Abe Lincoln, however after the story was developed it became clear, that a man fighting dragons should be considered a knight.  Since this hero was black, well, his name would be obvious.

I knew Marvel already had a black knight, but so did Charlton and perhaps Gold Key, I don’t recall.  What I do know is that The Black Knight was in the public domain and seeing that Marvel hadn’t used him in a while I thought, “Why not?”  Well Marvel foiled that idea.  I think The Black Knight is on issue #5 or something close.  Thus, I needed to find a new name.

Being that obsidian is a black rock formed in lava, it seemed the most fitting that a dragon would call a black man who is impervious to fire by that name.  As far as if he is “The Blackest” or not, I think as long as Martin Lawrence doesn’t reprise the role, the title will stand.


FYI – this logo is a rough.  Final design TBD